Software To Run Referral Programs

Referred customers buy sooner, spend more, and refer other friends. That’s why we’re making it incredibly easy for any business to build their own referral program.
With Referral Factory you can turn your customers into your biggest marketing channel with just a few clicks, no developers needed. Try it risk free with our 15 day trial!
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1000+ Referral Program Templates

Don’t have any experience with Referral Marketing? No problem! Browse over 1000 templates of referral programs by business type or brand. Find a template that will work for you, edit it, and go live!
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Flexible Rewards Set By You

You define the rewards for your referrers, anything from coffee to credits to cash. Access your data in real time to keep track who needs rewards and when, or connect to our API to automate redemption.
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Built In Notifications

Built in communications and email triggers that you can brand as your own. Notify users when they successfully refer friends, or remind them to keep referring! Even set welcome mails for new referrals.
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100% Branded As Your Own

Edit the headers, text, logos, images and fonts to make your referral program feel 100% on brand. Our software powers the back end of your program, your brand powers the front.
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Multiple Ways to Onboard Referrers

Once your campaign is built you can manually add users via the dashboard, or prompt users to get their referral links in multiple ways. Via a link you share, a QR code, or embed your referral program on your website.
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Real Time Tracking

Keep a close eye on the growth of your referral program, and always know who your top referrers are. Access your data via the dashboard or our API - you can also export your data or sync it to Google Sheets.
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Refer A Friend

Know of a business that wants more referrals? We’ll give you €75 for every customer you refer to us. Get your referral link below.
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Why Referral Marketing?

Use the secret weapon that brands like Tesla, Uber and PayPal used to generate billions in revenue over the last decade - referrals.
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92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.
People are 4x more likely to make a purchase when referred by a friend.
Referral loops can lower your cost per acquisition by up to 34%

Use A Referral Template Inspired By High Growth Companies

Top companies around the globe have used referral marketing to accelerate their growth. Kick start your referral program in minutes by using one of the templates below.
The template used by PayPaly to achieve 7 - 10% daily growth.
Preview Template
The template used by Dropbox to grow by 3900%.
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The template used by Tesla to achieve a 40X ROI with a budge of $0.00.
Preview Template
The template used by Airbnb to to drive 900% year-on-year growth for first time bookings.
Preview Template
Dollar Shave Club
The template used by Dollar Shave Club to get 50 000 referrals per month.
Preview Template
The template Roku used to get 10 000 customer referrals each month.
Preview Template
Referral Factory B.V. is in no way affiliated with the brands represented in these templates. These are merely examples to inspire your thinking.
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